Thursday, 27 August 2015

Like a Feather in the Breeze

This lovely eye-catching gown by AZUL was originally made for the Miss SL pageant and worn by Miss SL Indonesia. It is a glorious concoction of satin, flowers down the bodice, a full train, and feathers. Lots of feathers. It features a low cut neckline, scooped back, and long bell sleeves. Wearing it, one cannot help but feel totally feminine and beautiful.
Like a Feather in the Breeze
There are more and more mesh heads coming onto the market, this one made by Genesis Lab has a nice shape to it, heavy well shaped brows, and a nicely shaped mouth. It's from a gacha and it's available at this round of Kustom 9. Be aware though that you can only wear skin appliers with the Blinking rare (shown here).
This very pretty skin shown is by Lumae, and comes with appliers for almost anything mesh body/head related. This was a 75L Sunday skin, and while I couldn't find this exact skin in her shop now, there is one that is very similar with slightly different make-up, and still only 75L (but also could be short-lived so you'd better hurry!)
Like a Feather in the Breeze
This cheeky, sexy, almost retro hairstyle by Tukinowaguma is an incredibly versatile must have, and is available at On9. The necklace by Empyrean Forge has 6 different gemstone options, and is available at Shiny Shabby.
Like a Feather in the Breeze

What I am Wearing:  
AZUL - Linette MeshDress - Garnet

Skin/Mesh head
Lumae :: Niska : 5 - Amber :: Gateau (previous Lazy Sunday item)
Genesis Lab - Head Emily 2.0 - blinking (RARE) (available @ Kustom 9 until September 10th)

Tukinowaguma - Saba (available @ On9 untl August 28th)
Empyrean Forge - Aglaea's Splendor (available @ Shiny Shabby until September 15th)

Nails - Plastik - Slink Applier Fingernails:// Smelted
Eyes - IKON - Lucid Eyes - Machine
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Casual  

Bauhaus Movement

Friday, 21 August 2015

What if Eve was a Fae

It's been a little while since I've shown the EVE body, mostly due to my computer just not being good enough to show a mesh body off all that well, and also as there has not been enough skin makers that supported it (though both the head and the body support Omega appliers). Personally I love this body, it suits my shape best out of all of them. I also love that it comes in two varieties Slim (shown) and Pulpy (for those that like voluptuousness and curves). Eve also have a head (worn here) available that personally I really like also. I'd love to see more support for this head as it has quite a different look to it than many. The head is still in beta, but don't let that deter you, this is a fully fledged head, just Ginger is still working on it.
What if Eve was a Fae
Now as I said there is not all that many skin makers that fully support Eve, Lumae is one such maker that not only supports the Eve body, but also the Eve head. Lumae is one of those skin makers that has been around seemingly forever under other brand names, and each huge evolution of her skins sees a rebranding (which I actually quite like). Lumae is her best brand yet, and they are really beautiful skins, with more options than you could ever hope to use as far as applier support goes. This skin shown here is available at We <3 Role-Play.
What if Eve was a Fae
The dress I am wearing here is really 5 pieces that make up a top, skirt and drape, and is also by Eve. The set is gorgeous, it flows and moves well, and has a ton of colour options. The flowers that flow down the skirt and also adorn the bodice are echoed in a matching headdress that is in two halves, so you can choose to only wear one side rather than the full version. As with the dress it is also colour change. Available as an exclusive at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, you only have one more day to grab it.
What if Eve was a Fae
What I am Wearing:

Mesh body/Mesh head

EVE - Slim-V8.4
EVE - EVE'olution-head - Beta #2 
EVE - Adaptive Feet EVE Slim (to wear SLINK High shoes)

Lumae :: Jewel : Djinn :: Dotted Brow / Eyeliner (available @ We <3 Role-Play until August 31st)

EVE - Dia Slim (available @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair until August 21st)
EVE - Dia headpiece

MINA Hair - Myrtle 
Label Motion - Wings (comes with poses) (not sure if this will be available at the store)

Nails - EVE - nail applier #5
Eyes - IKON - Eternal Eyes - Azure

Label Motion

Blue Flowers - un Jour - HADOU-Gunjyou (sim is under construction)
Pergola - {vespertine} - garden folly / fountain ver.
Fountain - {vespertine} - belvedere fountain /folly animated ver.
Butterflies Cage with Hold Animation
+Half-Deer+ - The Sheltering Leaf w/ Bench - Green
Tree - *alirium* - Hermit [Green]
Shrubs - HPMD - Sweet Garden Grass05 - olive

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

She likes long walks in the country

With Spring just around the corner, it's a perfect time to stock up on clothes for those not so cold days and head out to enjoy the fresh bloom of nature. If you're on the other side of the world, well this dress would do just as well on one of those cooler days.
This lovely dress by Evie's Closet with it's self patterning in two tones, celtic patterns on the bodice and top of the skirt, and bell sleeves is  such a dress. It's available in 5 colours: Sky, Sand, Lilac (shown here), Gold and Blush. It's available at We <3 Role-Play .
Spring Fields
What better to go with a lovely long sweeping dress than a beautiful long sweeping hairstyle? This one by RunAway Design is perfect with it's arched, sweeping fringe that frames the face, small tress of hair that falls over the right shoulder, and the remaining hair being swept across and over the left shoulder, over the left breast to finish just below the waist. It's a super flattering style that is easy adapted for many uses. Also available for 25% off at We <3 Role-Play .
Spring Fields

Completing our look here is this beautiful eyeshadow from Zibska, just part of the HUGE offering she has at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair for LeLutka, and TMP mesh heads. Standard system eyeshadows are included in all packs. This lovely delicate necklace/earring set with it's curlicues, and beads really compliments the celtic design on the dress perfectly. And the beaded choker from a different set gives a nice highlight at the neck. Both sets are multi-colour change as we expect with Zibska.

What I am Wearing:


Evie's Closet - Evonyn Gown - Lilac (available @ We <3 Role-Play ends August 31st)

RunAway Design - Marzia Hair - Reds (available @ We <3 Role-Play ends August 31st)
Zibska - Tatienne Earrings/Necklace (available @ Flux Sur Mer
Zibska - Louisa Collar (available @ Flux Sur Mer)
Zibska - Rie 07 (available @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair until August 21st) 
Glam Affair - Luna skin - Asia - Simply Girl (previous FLF)

Nails - Plastik -  Slink Nails:// Spring
Eyes - IKON - Ardent Eyes - Glass
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Casual 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Azul for Lexi

Oftentimes there is fundraisers in SL for various causes, usually not for a particular person. If you have bought fashion male or female from almost anywhere then chances are you have bought something this lady has made. Lexi Zelin is the name behind a heck of a lot of full-perm mesh that is the backbone behind many designers. Recently Lexi was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hogdkin's Lymphoma, and needs desperate help to pay her medical bills. So a fundraiser was created with over 350 Designers coming together to contribute for The Lexi Project.
One of these is AZUL with this gorgeous gown in lilac. It is gathered just above the bust then flows into a  long sweeping skirt, given movement by the addition of a little flexi. A gold chain held by an ornate clasp sits loosely over the hips. There is a matching hair ornament included that quite honestly could be worn with many things.

What I am Wearing:

Gown/Belt/Hair Clasp

AZUL - Abigail (Limited edition colour for The Lexi Project ends August 9th)

Lumae :: Niska : 4 - Peach :: Gateau {DarkBrow} (75L Sunday, still available)

Hair/Jewellery/Hair Wreath/Wings
ploom - Long Day - Indecisive
Boudoir - Bacchus wreath (part of an outfit)
Plastik - Everilda Choker/Earrings/Ring [Gld-Deco]:// Goran
Lazuri - Delia Bracelet
Illusions - Apsara Wings

Lashes - [LeLutka] - 2011 lashes/natural
Nails - {ZOZ} - Iced Metals - no. 7 (TDR Fusion until August 13th)
Eyes - IKON - Ardent Eyes - Glass
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Casual 



{anc} cotton bunny. sugar
Forest Floor - Hanging Element Lamp "Fire"

Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer Relaxing

Sorry for the absence, my pc died on me, so I had to get the money together for a new one.

This is a quick post to try to get this out as several of the things end today. So RUN!

First up is this gorgeous summer silk/dress called Anais, just perfect for relaxing after a day at the beach, or even a party. This Turquoise is a limited edition colour for OMGOSH Charity, which ends 26th, so you only have today to grab it. If you miss out though, there is a great selection of normal release shades in the store.
Next we have this really cool, and different hair style hair called Rhea from Zibska for Hair Fair, which also ends today. Lots of fabulous shades are included in the HUD, and there is matching hairbases. So if you haven't made it to Hair Fair......RUN!
I'm wearing Zibska's Aaren eyeshadow from The Make-Over Room, which also ends today. This is Lelutka, and standard SL head compatible, and in a variety of shades in the one HUD.

What I am Wearing:


AZUL Anais (Limited edition colour for OMGOSH Charity. ends 26th July) 

Zibska - Rhea hair (Hair Fair. ends 26th July)
Hair base - Zibska (included)
LaGyo_Anantha earrings A Gold (available at The Season's Story)
Bracelets - : Amorous : Chimera Turquoise 
Shoes - .:KC:. BRAZILIA for SLink High Feet
New Faces - Willow  [Mocha] Brunette
Zibska - Aaren 02 eyeshadow (available at The Make-Over Room ends 26th July)
Izzie's - Lipstick raspberry

Lashes - [LeLutka] - 2011 lashes/natural
Nailed It! - Slink - Spring Beauty Set - Classic Blue
[croire] dramatic wing blush (smitten) - (Marketplace only)
Eyes - IKON - Lucid Eyes - Denim
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Casual 


Boudoir - Summer Garden Boudoir

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Lamu Cotton Candy

A new preview for one of the exciting fashion that will be presented at The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show, 6th June @ 2pm.
This delightfully delicious outfit looks almost good enough to eat with it's voluminous swathes of "fairy floss" on the arms, and skirt. Done in fabulous shades of bright pinks, and aqua, this outfit can be worn either with the corset as shown, or without, and what is even better is it has appliers for just about any mesh body commonly available.
Lamu Cotton Candy
It also has leg and arm wraps, very cute teddy bears that sit on your shoulders, and lollipops that sit at your hips, all of which can be optional, making this a very versatile outfit indeed.
For the head there is a carousel hat, loaded full of all sorts of delicious sweets. It comes in an animated version, and non-animated.
Lamu Cotton Candy




What I am Wearing:

Complete Outfit

LAMU - Cotton Candy complete outfit - bra/panties, corset, skirt, leg & arm wraps, arm puffs, collar, hat
(exclusive for Fantasy Angels Fashion show, Saturday June 6th, 2pm)    

[LCKY] Runahime - Smoothie pack

KC - VERONA Heels for Slink High Feet

Skin - Glam Affair - Grazia skin - In the Air - Asia  01 (previous FLF)
{C.C.M.} Valentine's Makeup - Pink (1L  cheapie)
Belleza - SK Valentine Pink Lips (part of a previous FLF pack)

Lashes - [LeLutka] - 2011 lashes/natural
Nails - A:S:S - Slink V2 nails - Spring feeling  (previous FLF)
Eyes - IKON - Ascension Eyes - Starfall

Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - Casual 

Ma Vie

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain
+Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vine
{anc} NOEL. :  frilled furrug / milk 2Li{anc} bubbles . field
:*BABY*: Lollipop Nom Nom  (Marketplace)
*!t :: Lollipop! (mouth) (Marketplace)
V!V - Lollipop - Bubblegum

Friday, 29 May 2015

Fantasy Angels Fashion Show update



You are cordially invited on Saturday, June 6th at 2 PM SLT, to an indescribable event which promises to be sexy, unforgettable and full of wings, an extraordinary experience in a fascinating atmosphere of sensuality and glamour to expose exciting and exclusive designs made from some of the greatest and prestigious designers within Second Life. It´s The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show 2015, ‪#‎TFAFS2015‬, the first show of angels in Second Life totally inspired in the Victoria's Secret RL Fashion Shows, hosted by The Fantasy Angels Production, and which returns this year once again as never before with the special performances of the world's sexiest, hottest and most beautiful, renowned and talented models and Supermodels of Second Life on stage like you've never seen them before and in the most seductive looks the world has ever seen. And more than ten designers on the scene that have joined and created each a whole collection for this event in a unique environment of sensuality and romanticism and of which you can be part this June 06th.

Fallen directly from heaven the angels you´ll see on the runway this year will be:

  • Anjelica Carling  
  • Annough Lykin 
  • Astralia Miliandrovic  
  • Beatrice Serendipity  
  • BlackLiquid Tokyoska  
  • Carley Benazzi  
  • Delypop Cresci  
  • Eleseren Brianna 
  • Ivyana Szondi  
  • Jamee Sandalwood  
  • Jay Jay Konstantin Ragu  
  • Joanne Vuitton  
  • Lua Vendetta 
  • Serenity BloodyMistress  
  • ShaiLi Alex  
  • Sylphia Constantine  
  • Taylor Wassep  
  • Tyra Eiren  
  • Widelmina Zeminoba 
  • Yashi Audion

Don't miss on Saturday, June 6th at 2 PM SLT, "The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show 2015", Second edition, and the luscious stylings these sexy angels fallen straight from heaven we've prepared just for your pleasure.

It will be an honor for us to count with the presence of each one of you honoring this event prepared with love and too much fun and sensuality in the purest way as you've never seen before.

And you are cordially invited to enjoy after the show a PARTY with the Angels and DJ SCALA Sea in an atmosphere full of fun and music. 
Sincerely yours, 

OPENING 2 pm SLT, Saturday, June 6th
Show Coordination : Prisilla S. Avro  
Script Writer: Crista Wellens  
Host: Veronica Krasner  
DJ & Guess Speaker: DJ SCALA Sea Dench  
Official Photographers: ROU & Photo Souls 
SL Video Recording by GRID STAR 
Entertainment Event Powered by THEFANTASYANGELSProduction
Copyright © All Rights Reserved